750721As essential as lady bugs are to biodiversity of our food supply, new research shows that Cry1Ab toxins (B. thuringiensis—BT toxin), Monsanto’s best selling herbicide ‘Roundup’ and crops that are resistant to Glyphosate are toxic to lady bugs and butterflies:

In fact, GE crops resistant to BT toxin or glyphosate are making Monarch and bee colonies to go extinct. Butterflies pollinate about 75% of our food supply. There used to be over 60 million butterflies migrating to US from Mexico, so their larvae could dine on milkweed. However, over the last few years, the number of butterflies has been enormously declining, causing 80% decline in the presence of milkweed in US:http://bit.ly/1gy6JGC 

According to researchers, Bt toxin found in GE pollen goes into the gut of the caterpillar and it binds into specific areas like the butterflies’ gut wall. As a result, the gut wall of the butterfly changes from a protective layer to an open sieve and pathogens that are usually kept within the gut are now excreted and released into the insect's body.

This makes the caterpillar get sick quickly and die: http://bit.ly/1gy6JGC

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